Auberon is now ready for testing!  Please feel free to download, play, customise, all that good stuff. But PLEASE READ before you download.


Map size – large
Lots – 137 ( residential: 54, commercial: 63, empty: 19 )
World type – City
Weather – imported Bridgeport weather
Custom content – extracted basegame and WA textures by Martine (textures created by EA)
Game requirement: Ambitions, World Adventures, Late Night. Items used from Riverview.

Lot details spreadsheet:


  1. I’ve done a lot of bug testing and fixing on my end, but things can play differently in other people’s games and however they’ve configured their games.
  2. I cannot provide support for game technical issues. Basically, anything that pertains to the world, I can try to help you with, such as Lot/Building issues or routing issues… game borkages, there’s not much I can do. Same goes for how your mods may interact with this world.
  3. There is no custom content, but the world was built using Ambitions, World Adventures and Late Night. It also liberally uses items from Riverview. I do not know if the world will work properly without any one of these EPs.

If you do have a technical issue with the world, comment in this thread or send me an email.




I like building lots and neighbourhoods in Sims 2. It stood to reason that I’d take creating a world as a project in Sims 3.  I wanted to create a city that had it’s foundations during or near the end of the Industrial revolution; hence all the Victorian styled homes. Many of the lots are small; for one, it fits my personal play style, and two, I wanted to encourage sims interaction with their environment. So I wanted them to get out and explore parks or community lots. Even something as simple as going to the laundromat to meet other sims.  I have included some larger lots and empty lots, but if one was curious about why all the tiny lots and apartments, there it is.

I also wanted to build a world that had the potential for paranormal occurences. There will be vampire residents and who knows who appears as more EPs get installed.  We already know that extraterrestrial life has made it’s way into the city…

I admit that I built the world based on my personal aesthetics and how I like to play my game. I do hope that you enjoy the world too and that your sims can have fun in it too (though I don’t recommend that your sims get too attached).

Visit my Tumblr for a Pic Spam of the World in Progress.



The world is free for you, but I do ask that you provide some kind of feedback on it. It isn’t necessary, and I won’t hold it against you if you don’t have anything to say, but I’d very much appreciate the input. I will provide a survey in a week or two to make it easy for you.

Because it is in Beta and just a test world, keep in mind that it is NOT final and I’ve purposefully left a few lots incomplete. You can link back (with my thanks!) to this post, or my tumblr, or my livejournal, but please DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE, or post to sharing sites.

Many thanks to Modthesims and Carl’s Sims 3 Guide for all the Create-A-World and lot building help.

Instructions: Download the package and place in your Sims 3 Downloads folder.  Open Sims 3 Launcher, find Auberon Beta 05 in the Downloads tab and install.

*** Download at Box (77mb RAR)  ***

Leave a comment  in this post or send an email for any questions, suggestions or feedback.




  1. Your world looks stunning! I’d like to beta test it but I’d like to know a bit more about it, such as the size, the number of lots, etc. From the pics, it looks like you’ve done a great job. Congrats! :)

    1. Author

      That’s actually a good point. I have a document with more specific details but I forgot about posting it. I’ll do that later when I can sit down at my computer.

      In the meantime, basically the world size is large, and there are about 150 lots in total, including empty lots. Most of the lot sizes are custom, and I will have to correct the prices at some point.

      Thank you very much. :)

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