There’s a lot of facts about me here.  


I was tagged by @phoenixfg a bit ago and I’m only now getting got around to doing it while I’m sitting on this flight to Halifax and inwardly panicking about being on a plane.

I don’t know how this meme works, or if you even had to have 57 facts. That feels like an arbitrary number.  But since we’re doing arbitrary numbers, I’m tagging the last 7 simblrs in my activity log (sorry if you’ve already been tagged) @taylors-simblr @applezingsims @simageddon, @zx-ta @simgaroop @artemisa02 @vicarious-sims  and of course anyone else who wants to do this.  

(warning: 57 facts about me  is not as described in gif)

(update: I’ve been back a week now)

  1. So I guess fact #1 I have a fear of flying.
  2.  I was born in the Philippines.  I was brought to Canada when I was two.
  3. When I was a kid me, my little brother and neighbourhood friends would dissect dead frogs we’d find in the back lots.
  4. I loved 80s music.  I’d try to record songs off the radio with a tape deck, hitting the “record” button just as the DJ was done talking
  5. Lots of my current tastes was formed in the 90s
  6. I got into my first major car accident when I made a bad left turn. I totalled my parent’s jeep and wrecked a few cars. No one was seriously injured. 
  7. I wrote an entire book when I was sixteen. My friends helped me write it and I shared it only with them.  I’m still carrying that idea around ( I drew the main character again recently )
  8. My first memory of drawing was in the blank pages at the beginning and end of Encyclopedias.  I’d draw a lot of princesses. 
  9. There was an old TV show in the 80s I really enjoyed called “The Misfits of Science”. Basically people with super powers.  It starred a teenaged Courtney Cox. 
  10. I love(d) comic books. 
  11. My very amateur fan art was published in the reader submitted artwork section of Wizard magazine. I think I was about 16 at the time. We had no concept of webpages, social media and online portfolios in those days
  12.  I had a German Shepherd mutt named Sam. After about a year, he went to go live on a farm. No really, he did.  
  13. I went to college to learn Classical Animation 
  14.  I worked on kids cartoons and children’s TV shows. I didn’t take my job seriously, I wish I did.
  15. I was a goth in the 90s and in the early 2000s.  
  16.  I now think goths are silly. Still love the aesthetic.

    (finished my trip, now I’m back home at this point!) 

  17. I worked for a time as an assistant clean-up animator. Basically that meant cleaning up the assistant animator’s in-between frames.  It wasn’t inspiring work and I wasn’t great at it. 
  18.  I worked briefly on a short film by Yoshitaka Amano (he does artwork for FF, Vampire Hunter D, among others). This was called 1001 Nights, and was shown alongside a live orchestra. I still have the poster hanging over my bed.
  19.  The first video game I’ve ever worked on and published was Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.  I modeled and animated. 
  20. The second game I’ve worked on was Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for the Nintendo Gamecube.  I’m a ghost photo easter egg in that game.  My name is in an IGN walkthrough. :D  
  21. I adopted my first kitty in 1996. He was a fuzzy kitten and I named him Thaddeus. 
  22. I moved to St. Catharines, ON for work. One of the places I lived there was a big Victorian that was divided into three apartments. Me and my partner at the time lived on the top floor (the attic). Probably the coolest place I’ve ever lived. 
  23. When we broke up, I bought my own little house.  
  24. I got sick with bacterial meningitis in 2004. I almost died. Was placed in a medical coma for two weeks. Woke up with lots of open skin wounds which would scar me for life. I’m okay. ^_^  This is documented on LJ here. My wonderful friend David kept my online friends in the loop.
  25. I still have issues from being sick. I’ll have to deal with it forever I guess.
  26. During my recovery I started playing World of Warcraft. 
  27. My first WoW character was a human warrior, and I named her Jinzou, after my Animal Crossing character. 
  28. I was a damn good tank. I lead raids. 
  29. I was laid off from video game company. This was fine, I was ready for something different. 
  30. I became a real estate agent for a bit, for many reasons. Some of that was fun, other parts of that was stressful.  I made money. 
  31. I don’t think I have a favourite colour, but I do use a lot of purple tones in everything. Even my hair was purple for a while. I guess I like purple.  
  32. Music tastes change from time to time, but I always love big broadway musicals. 
  33. I saw Les Miserables over 10 times and met the Toronto cast at a point.
  34. I’m currently listening to Come From Away.  
  35. My favourite movie is Spirited Away 
  36. I don’t watch a lot of animes, but I appreciate good ones. My favourite is still probably Cowboy Bebop. I’m taking reccs. 
  37. I’m an introvert. I don’t like big social events, and it takes a lot of mental energy preparing for them, and a lot of time for me to come down from them. 
  38. I don’t like dating.  I met my fiancé online though. 
  39. I love my dude because he’s a big nerd and I’m comfortable with him. It’s a big deal for me. 
  40. He proposed to me this summer. We’re engaged.  :D 
  41. I have made no wedding plans yet, but it’s gonna be small, cheap and simple. :D  
  42. I read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when I was in highschool. 
  43. My favourite place to hang out when I was a kid was the libraries.  
  44. I learned HTML in the 90s.
  45. I will be 45 this year.  
  46. My current favourite writer is Neil Gaiman. Read American Gods or Stardust.
  47. I love horror, sci-fi, fantasy and superhero stories. Given all the time in the world, I could eat it all up. 
  48. I’ve read the Lord of the Rings many times through out my life and once more before the movies came out. I liked the movies.
  49. I didn’t like the Hobbit movie trilogy though. So much unnecessary filler. 
  50. I love building worlds in the Sims. 
  51. I have no sense of style. Jeans, t-shirt, sweater, I’m good. 
  52. My handle “blackdaisies” is from one of my first webpages, called “Black Daisies Grow Here”… yeah that goth thing again
  53. I’ve been playing the Sims since the first Sims City
  54. My very first Sim was in the first Sims game. Her name was Alice Novak and she stole Bella away from Mortimer. 
  55. my default lunch lately is yam/avocado sushi
  56. I live in a neighbourhood in Toronto known as The Beaches. Because there’s a beach. I don’t live on the beach though.
  57. My dream vacation would be going up to a nice cottage by a lake in the Muskokas in fall.

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