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I came late to the party, but I really enjoyed reading Simtopi when I found it. It would be great to see how you planned to end it, even if it was just text, or with minimal imagery. :)

Okay, here’s the thing.  I generally don’t let myself get worked up over simsecrets, good or bad. I felt like I was pulled about half a decade into the past, lol. So here’s a longer response to everyone after much thought: 

TL;DR  – I will finish my story. So here’s a bunch of rambling about what I’m doing to get the ball rolling.  Further story-related updates will be linked on @simtopi. Does anyone have any advice to keep my Sims 2 game stable?!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t think of this story… I mean,  these characters are still in my Sims 4 game and I’ve played with the idea of creating an illustrated graphic novel with it.  I have no idea if it aged well, but after some thought I think I will finish it finally.  I have been carrying around the ending for a long time.  Secretmaker might have done me a favour to kick my ass into gear. (This doesn’t mean I approve of the tone, I’d rather someone would have just messaged me first. I appreciate that you like mine and Skell’s work, but is a secret really the best way to bring it up? I know we’re talking about simsecret, but how old do I sound right now???) 

Around the time I’ve written and shot the last chapter, there were a lot of things going on in my life. I had ended one career, started another one, ended a decade-long relationship, moved to two different cities, started a relationship, ended that other career, found a new job, started retraining art. That’s a lot! In the greater scheme of things, a sim story is inconsequential.  These are my excuses, but I didn’t mean to be intentionally rude as secret commenters have implied. I admit that smarted. 

But I did say that if one person was reading, I would finish it. I did even say even if it was just me, I would finish it.  During this part of my life, I was reacquainted with an old friend who gave me wonderful advice: Even if it’s a small, shitty project, just finish it. You get a sense of closure and satisfaction when you have this done in front of you which is much more meaningful than the project itself sometimes.  It was framed in a conversation about a self published comic book or personal illustration projects, not really sim stories, but it applies.  Simtopi was my small shitty project. I should finish it.  

So to start on this path I went back to my LJ (shudder), and cleaned up the place a bit.  I thought about transfering the whole thing to another platform, but it was too much work to clean up and honestly, no one cares anymore where it is.  I at least stripped some coding to make it mobile friendly because I’m obsessive that way.  

Next step will be refamiliarizing myself with my own story. LOL. Like I said, I have the ending, but the path to the ending was where I twisted myself up.  I don’t know if I can do this as text-only, but we’ll see.  In any case, I’ve started doing some minor, minor rewrites, tweaks, corrections. I’ll do a reading-guide so newbies won’t have to slog through the filler chapters. 

Last step will be planning how to end this.  There will be a few chapters involved. Ideally, I would like these chapters all done before I release them. Or at least scripted.  I’ve reinstalled Sims 2 again. Las year,  I attempted an install of Sims 2 Ultimate collection and it destroyed my neighbourhood. Literally.   But I started rebuilding some of it for scenery purposes so at least there’s a bit of a head start. This weekend, I will resurrect the characters (I still have the files yay!) and reacquaint myself with the Sims 2. 

I want to have screenshots but this will largely depend how stable Sims 2 wants to be with me. As it is, in my brief gameplay (just jumping into various lots), it’s crashed out on me almost every time.  If anyone could point me out on how to make Sims 2 stable in a post Windows 10 world, please, please let me know. 

Updates will be announced here or on @simtopi.  

Sorry for the wall of text. Thank you.  

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