A small thank you gift to everyone following me on Tumblr. :)

Thank you for putting up with my WIP spam of Auberon these past few weeks. This is a small offering, but I hope you like it. This family house sits on a corner in the Trinity Valley neighbourhood of the city. It was built to be an urban home on a corner lot, but I made a few adjustments so it could fit most standard lots. It’s fairly basic, but hopefully you can improve it. ;) 

“The House With the Blue Door" 
bedrooms: 4
size: this was built on a custom size lot (16×24). The smallest standard size it will fit decently is a 20×25 lot. 
price: § 76 380 (furnished) / § 44 658 unfurnished
EPs/SPs used: Ambitions, World Adventures and Late Night. 
custom content: none 

Terms:  Feel free to do whatever you wish with the lot, make it over, use it in challenges, etc. etc. However, please do not reupload to paysites or otherwise without express permission from me. Credit would be nice. 

*** Download at Box  (sims3pack)***

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