I’d love to. Clara, to be honest, isn’t one of my favourite characters, but she grew on me.  The reason why is because when I first started writing the story, it was supposed to be a fairly simple storyline and I didn’t think I’d get so in depth with the characters.  Basically, I needed a villain and I was thinking along the lines of Cruella DeVille.  

But as I added to the story, parts of Clara’s past started to form and it made perfect sense to me. She grew up under an abusive mother and was bullied by her peers at school all her life. With all that, she formed very sharp defenses stemming from hate and anger. I sometimes wonder if she’d be the type to just be an evil person under any circumstance, but now I’m doubting it. If she was given a chance early on, she wouldn’t be so selfishly determined to prove herself (to the detriment of all others) now.  

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