Okay, this is probably just trolling but today I’m sick so I’m giving myself leave to sound off a bit. I love how people could be “everyone is beautiful” “we don’t need to be superficial” blah blah blah but I guess when it comes to our  doll worlds, every sim has to be gorgeous.  I don’t even agree with this confession, I think the majority of premades don’t in fact have a “facial deformity”. WTF does that even mean?  A big nose is a “facial deformity”? Small eyes? What?! 


What that confession says isn’t a fact, it’s an opinion, and I think we are allowed to have our own opinions. You may not think that sim was ugly but her creator does, and I’m sure there are sims (or people) many people love but you can’t see why. It’s called aesthetic sense or judgement i guess lol, we all see things differently. You can’t really tell to others when they think X person/sim is ugly, they’re wrong…

First of all, with all respect, I never spoke in absolutes. I understand the confession was merely an opinion, so I stated mine, and as you say, yes, we are allowed to have our own opinions.  (The confession was actually worded more to sound like a  fact, but that’s semantics for you.)

In any case, I think it’s a little more extreme to claim that a sim that doesn’t fit one’s aesthetic standards has a “facial deformity”.  I’ll stand by that. 

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