City Lights – A custom eye set for Sims 4

For my first attempt at Sims 4 CC, I made a set of eyes! O_O 

I wasn’t able to find the exact set of custom eyes I wanted for my game, so I made my own.  The textures are painted by me, and are available in the general gist of EA colours (some minor variations), using the Maxis sclera. There’s a default and non-default version. The non-default version has +3 extra colours (21 colours in all).  There’s no alien or supernaturals eyes at this time.


[ Swatches ]

Download at Mediafire


Citylights Default 


Citylights Nondefault 

Created with Clip Studio Paint and Sims 4 Studio 

ToU: Don’t claim as your own. Do not redistribute, share on paysites or behind pay links.   

If you use these on your Sims, please feel free to tag me!  Thank you.

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