Could you imagine if game custom content creators got the same amount of grief as the Sims devs?

CC creator: Here’s my thing I’ve just made and am sharing on my tumblrs. 

– Why didn’t you use [ *insert random * ] colour swatches instead of the ones you used?! 
– *downloads* … *reuploads to paysite*
– this is bad because I hate Alpha CC
– 20 minute youtube review criticizing all the ways your recolour was bad
– You didn’t include a matching hat, I feel this isn’t complete. 
– You included your Kofi link on the post, you’re just all about the money!
– So basic, other modders could have created this.
– (alternatively) Other modders have done this better, why did you bother?
– Why did you create this recolour when you could have worked on something else I wanted?! 

And my favourite: 

– What is this?! No one asked for this!  

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