I’m sorry, I’ve been horrible with following back lately. I’m going to try to go through everyone’s blog and start going on a massive follow spree. 

Just so you know, I do have a few standards. Not major, but I hope they are reasonable: 

  • must be a simblr. I like sim pics, from all sims games, even Sim City (Sim City 5 anyone? OMG so excited! ^_^… ahem..)  If your simblr is a baby blog, leave a note in my ask box to tell me what it is so I can check it out.
  • if the first 3 or so pages of your simblr are full of drama posts,  I can’t get into that. I’m here for fun and leisure. Here’s some earnest advice, honestly: stop publicly responding to spam and hateful anons. Stop giving them your energy.  You know that trolls feed on attention, right? 
  • if you treat your simblr like a chat room. O_o 
  • I will add you back if you are kind of a simblr but also post stuff from other games, movies and TV shows. But I’ll unfollow if there’s too many spoilers. 
  • side-ways pictures. Yeah, that’s a personal pet peeve, so if your simblr has too many of those (even reblogs), I can’t deal. Sorry. :p  
  • last but not least – I don’t do follow-for-a-follow.  I’m sure people prefer being followed on the merits of their work and not to pad someone else’s numbers. I’m the same way. 

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