Follower gift: I will draw your Sim as a mermaid

Hi everyone. I just remembered that I kind of signed up for #Mermay. Obviously I’m not drawing a mermaid every day this month, but I’d like to draw some mermaids. Because mermaids. 

So… I didn’t have a 900 follower gift idea until now.  Send me your Sim. Any Sim, from any of the Sims games. If you want a premade Sim drawn, that’s cool too.  I will draw them as a mer-person.   :D


1) Follow one or all of my blogs @simdaisies @simtopi @lululounge 

2) Leave some kind of note on this post.  (comment, reblog, OR like)

3) I’ll draw as many as I can with varying degrees of finish (it could be a sketch, could be a full drawing), but I’d like to draw at least 5* (maybe more, I’ll see how it goes) 

*if this gets more than 5 notes, I will do a hat-pick. Hat pick will take place on Sunday, May 6th.   

Here are all my Sims fan art 

 If you want to see more of my artwork, take a look:  @blackdaisies 

Thank you for following me! 


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