First of all, I want to thank every single person who’s following me. I’m always honoured and flattered that you like my sims stuff enough for it to show up on your dash daily (daily? I think I post daily, right?), so my sincerest thanks.  

With that in mind as you know I only follow simblrs on this blog. So in the interest of housekeeping, over the last few days, I’ve been unfollowing tumblrs that don’t primarily post Sims. This doesn’t mean that I do not appreciate your posts! As I’ve said somewhere before, I try to organize my interests to a point of silliness, so it’s not that I’m uninterested in anything else, it’s just that I prefer to keep *this* dashboard sims related.

However, I do have a somewhat personal tumblr where I do follow other things that I like. Oddly enough, it’s somewhat underused, but I hope to change that. It will be a general blog, but I’m still keeping it mostly to my interests. I may even start following some blogs that are outside my tastes, if only to see if we can’t be inspired by other things or get different ideas shared.  For example, BBC’s Sherlock… I’ve never seen it, but because of certain tumblrs, I’m so fascinated now and want to.  (though I still won’t follow celebrity crush blogs. Just cannot get into it sorry. :p )

(ETA: why isn’t the “read more” button working? :p Blah!)

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