From Chapter 22

Death: Well do you plan on standing there smiling stupidly for much longer or are you going to make a decision, because there are other places I could be. 
Sibyll: Oh don’t be so impatient. I know for a fact you have all the time in the world. 
Death: I suppose it is rather impolite to rush a lady, yes?. It’s nice to see you’ve dressed for the occasion.
Sibyll: I can’t help it. I get nostalgiac for the old days sometimes. But it feels appropriate. 
Death: Indeed. Can you indulge me this once and hurry it up, then? Or would you rather he come with me, I don’t really mind either way. 
Sibyll: I think I’ve made up my mind, dear. 
Death: Very well then. I’ll write up the necessary forms. I do hope you’ve made the right decision. 
Sibyll: Do you believe there is a reason why any of us are here and why we make the choices we do? 
Death: You know I can’t answer that. Good night, Countess. I’ll see you soon. Give my regards to young Mr. Vaughn.

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