I actually haven’t properly played Sims since last week, and after this week, I’m really, really, REALLY in the mood for some good, old fashioned escapism.   

I’m finally caught up with most of my screen shots and Gen 3 is swinging in and ready to go (finally). I also have some lots I’ve been working on that I’d love to post and share.  I’ve been away from home, with only my old laptop. I’ve had to reformat it, and though it still has issues, I’ve gotten it to a point where it’s usable, and I was able to play Sims on low settings with it.  

I’m looking forward to shutting off the brain and throwing myself in Sims and possibly my artwork for the next little while. To be honest, the US election affected me too, and I’m thoroughly depressed about it.  All I can do from my perch in Canada-land is reach out to support you, encourage your strength, fight for truth and justice, but maybe not the American way because I don’t know if the American way is what it’s supposed to be anymore.  

So I’ll do what I do best and try to create, and enjoy the life and privileges I have… this has gone on to be more political than I’d have liked it to be.  Sorry about that. I apologize because. Well, you know. Canadian.  

Speaking of, I’ll leave off with this: “The place is dead as heaven on a Saturday night.” 

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