I want to hear your thought on Meadow Thayer. I just love how you’ve kind of taken her “normal” persona in fandom and turned her into something more that eye candy. 

— holleyberry

Thank you, I’m glad you like her.  :)

I’m not exactly sure what her normal persona in fandom is.  The first time I’ve ever seen a story treatment of Meadow, she was essentially the teenage blonde “bimbo” that got “around”, and I think people were basing that purely on her looks.  She is a family sim (at least she was in my game, I’m not sure if townies get specific personalities or if it’s randomized in other games)  so this didn’t make sense to me.  I’ve always thought of Meadow as maybe someone who’s just looking around, going from boy to boy, trying to find the love of her life, so in a way she’s just a hopeless romantic.  In my story, her teen self is sort of like that. She started dating young and was attracted to the wrong type of boys, which eventually landed her with Rowan.

Meadow is older in my story and a single mother. She faces challenges in this regard, particularly since she has decided to go back to school.  She is fiercely devoted to her son, but she is still a young woman who is still a hopeless romantic in some ways, though much more realistic.  She’s one of the more difficult characters for me to write because I didn’t really want to trivialize her struggles as  a single mom (in a world where magic exists). Even though she is a romantic who may still fall in love again, I also wanted her to be independent, and proud to be able to raise her child without being bound to “traditional” aspects of family. 

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