I thought the amount of lots would be okay for my game, but it’s not. I’m walking back on my earlier opinion about it being fine… Del Sol Valley needs more lots. There’s only 5 lots on Starlight Boulevard, and if you want to play this EP as intended, you need two lounges, each with the “Hottest Spot” and “Up and Coming” trait. Then there’s only 3 other lots and you’ll need to decide if you want a restaurant, gym, night club, karaoke bar, art center, museum, a café, a different kind of restaurant, a spa, or a pool and it’s really hard to decide EA! 

If they could lift the requirement for the awards ceremonies and meet n’greets only occuring on lounges, then this may ease the pain a bit.

A proper Hollywood boulevard has it all and this is so limiting. :(  

(by the way, the lot in this picture wasn’t working. so we’ll never see it again!)

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