Jasmine is over a lot … Gabriel might be regretting giving her the keys to his apartment.  She shows up uninvited when he’s at work to use his shower. 

Jasmine: “Come on, you need to go out once in a while!  What about the bar down the street… I hear it’s ‘singles night’. I’m not going alone.”

Gabriel: “Isn’t that the point of a ‘singles’ night?” 

Jasmine: “Exactly. Which is why you need to be there.”

Gabriel: “Why are you assuming I want to go? What makes you think I need a date?” 

Jasmine: “I dunno… you’re a slob that plays video games for a living and lives by himself and  is sometimes mistaken for being a vampire because you never see sunshine. At least get out sometime!” 

Gabriel: “I’ll have you know, young miss, that in fact, I do have a date.” 

Jasmine: “Your online Night Elf Druid girlfriend who lives in Canada doesn’t count.”  

Gabriel: “What? Wait… no. I’m seeing Willow.” 

Jasmine: !!!

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