Jodie and Peregrin, then and now.

In Sims 2, the Marlen kids, Elf, Peregrin and Kestrel, were all born in game.  In Sims 4 they were all created by spinning the genetic die with Linlin and Desmond in CAS.  In both games (like Talula and Garret), they were created by me.  I also like that in both games, they spawned some interesting kids who have a lot of strong physical characteristics.   

I wasn’t sure if I was going to bring them together again in this legacy, as I’m already having too much fun with the Bairds and Elf’s family, but it was too fun to play out the drama.  Also, I really needed to have their kids in my game… :D 

Here’s their original story.  (sims 2)

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