Jodie: “Oh hey Peregrin!!!  (stop looking so excited girl) Out for a run I see? You’re all sweaty… (nuuuu change course!) Um… Class was great right? (too eager, pull back, pull back!)”


Jodie: “I mean, class was alright. Nothing to be too excited about. Ha, ha, as if you’d know we’re not even in the same grade but,  like, we see each other all the time right? Nothing to be excited about at all… (oh he’s been working out…dammit stop staring look away!)”


Jodie: “Okay, nice seeing you too, enjoy your buns… I mean your run.  I’m… uh… just going to go home and do a lot of home work now. Like under the bed or something… (oh yeah, real smooth Jodie. /s)” 

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