@kayleigh-83 replied to your post: “I just came across screens of someone else’s game using one of my…”

Maybe post a lil sneaky sneak reply like, “Oh I’m so glad you liked my lot from the gallery!” It doesn’t come off aggressive at all, still assumes the best that perhaps it just totally slipped their mind? Which it could have! And perhaps then they’ll realize their oopsie and edit to add credit!

I thought about it to be honest, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. I’m still happy to share Sims stuff with or without credit. The real thing that bothered me was the person *appeared* to take credit for something that wasn’t theirs, and regardless of whether it was me or someone else who built the lot, it’s doesn’t look good. I knew it was mine because they didn’t change the exterior at all, down to the landscaping and mailbox placement, so I really can’t imagine them “forgetting” that they didn’t build it. Anyway, this one, I’ll let go for now. 

Thank you very much for replying though. :)

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