Kitty decided to stay and hide under my bed all night long. He usually never hides in there, and my two cats usually stay in my room, so it was kind of weird that he’d pick that place to feel safe. Anyhow, he came out and had some food and did his business and went back into hiding. Just a little bit ago, he came out and started walking around and rubbing up against my sister’s leg (awww). But I noticed he had a small limp, which I guess the vet technician wouldn’t have caught yesterday. So he does have a small injury. I don’t think anything is broken because he’s still walking around and doesn’t appear to be in pain. I’m glad he’s hanging out and eating now though.

 My sister is hesitant to bring him to the vet because she doesn’t want to stress him out more than he already is. But we’ll keep an eye on him. 

Thank you everyone for the concern. I think and I hope that he’ll be fine. 

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