If your sims are shiftless layabouts and need jobs, have them come to Auberon where there are JOBS A PLENTY.  

Pay negotiable.  

I’m playing around with adding sims to Auberon and I want to try putting in NPCs.  If anyone wouldn’t mind sharing their sims to be added as NPCs, I’d really appreciate it.  Your sims would be residents of Auberon, so they will most likely be distributed with the world if I succeed. You will get complete credit though. 

The only criteria is that the sims look good in base game content and use custom sliders sparingly. I’m also open to using a few berries and vampires.  No other supernaturals right now.  

(You can also download the BETA version of Auberon at my site if you’re curious about it)

Here are the jobs available: 

(Udpated 12/7/2013 12:24PM EST)

babysitter (teens) –  1 more available position
Fire service – 3 available positions 
Magician –2 available positions 
Maid – 2 positions
Newspaper Delivery (child) – 1 more 
Pizza Delivery – 2 positions
Police – 2 more 
Repairs – 2 available
Burglar – 2 available
Repoman – 2 available
Mail Carrier – 2 available
Science Geek (Not quite sure who this is?) 1 available position
Child Protection –  1 more available position 
Butler – 2 available
Mixologist – 4 available


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