Posting this again as it seems that some people just aren’t getting it. (Photshopped for clarity – the original just couldn’t be resized and still be read. The original post can be found here.)

To be perfectly clear – Patreons ARE allowed. Yep, EA is okay with creators having a Patreon and charging for their content.

To be 100% chrystal clear – While EA is okay with creators having a Patreon, they do expect that paid content to be made free for all within 2-3- weeks.

My 2 cents – EA’s TOS states that ALL CC belongs to them and that once you share it, they (and anyone who downloads it) can do whatever they want with it. This includes sharing it, this includes modifying it, this includes modifying it and sharing the modifications. So if someone downloads from a Patreon they can do what they want with that content whether or not “2-3 weeks” have passed.

Why am I bringing this up again? Because it seems that personal info was leaked – the person who’s info was leaked is someone who’s been sharing Patreon content. And if I’m not mistaken, that person then received threats.

Whoever leaked that person’s info should be ashamed of themselves. They
are/were not doing anything wrong. YOU, however, by doxing someone were –
along with anyone who sent that person threats after their info was
made public.

Patreon creators – get it through your thick skulls. You do NOT deserve to be paid for what you do. (If someone wants to give you money for what you do, they can donate it.)  If someone downloads your creations, they can then share it because EA’s TOS says they can. Sure EA stated that Patreons are okay but even they expect you to share your content for free in the end.

Also – yes I realize that SimGuruDrake is no longer with EA. If you think that means that her post no longer applies, just remember that EA’s TOS says all your CC is theirs and anyone can do whatever they want with it once they download it. I can’t imagine anyone at EA being happy with someone being doxed because they shared downloaded CC from Patreon or anywhere else.

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