Now Denise thought it was more than right for Clive to meet her family as well. Her father, Brandon, insisted he take them all out to his favourite little dining spot in Willow Creek.  Incidentally, the “little dining spot” happened to be Chez Llama, a high cuisine restaurant in a tony neighbourhood; it was a good thing Clive wore a tie all the same. 

Brandon:  “I remember when the girls were small, and we were living in a smaller mansion in Belladonna Cove….  The first time Lydia brought home a young boy to play in the backyard, Denise spent all their time lobbing pine cones at him until he ran away crying.” 

Lydia:  “Dad!” 

Denise:  “I was doing Lydia a favour.  My sister is too good for anyone who couldn’t deal with a few pine cones.” 

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