On my first speaking youtube video, I bring you on a guided tour of my Brindleton Bay.  

I think I come off a little nervous, as I’m not used to this format. But I will get better at this over time, so there will be more of these types of videos.  

Find my lots in the gallery under EA ID “Belledaisies”
Direct link – https://goo.gl/8jG2Nj

Other lots featured in the video:
“Crabby Chic Dive Bar” by SpecterCody
“Creekside Starter” by Silrosse
“Cozy Family Cottage” by PeachesPlace – https://youtu.be/dkcqbz1L12M

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Music credit:
“Foundation” by Vibe Tracks – https://youtu.be/QOahcYzb93E

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