Hello simblr community! I’d love a little help regarding the world I’m building. A few questions…

* if i made this available, would you download it?
* I am currently building it with Ambitions, Late Night and World Adventures and have used something from every EP. Would it matter (to those interested in downloading it) if I updated my games now with other EPs? (at least Generations, though I am building with space in mind for horses)
* do you care if its prepopulated? I’m terrible at making sims I’d most likely ask for help from the community for this.
* this town is an urban town. That means a lot of little lots in small spaces however I will still have suburban type neighbourhoods with lots of yard space, and most of that will be left empty for customization. From what you’ve seen would you have any special requests or community lot ideas?
*also if you have any lots you’d think would look good in this type of hood that you don’t mind me including in the upload (with full credit!) let me know.

I am building this world particularly for myself, and I’m keeping Supernatural (ahem zombie apocalypse) in mind. I don’t want to assume that anyone will download it but these are things a noob world builder like me should keep in mind ahead of time. City building is complicated! D:

Please feel free to be honest and critique. (All the pics here)

Thank you in advance!

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