“I’ll make more sense in the morning, I swear.”

lol welp

I already knew about most of what they were telling me anyway, so it was all very tedious and monotonous for me.


“It is noteworthy that the clans that established trade routes held exclusive trading rights; in other words, it was possible to establish trade monopolies.”

“Weekday Coq au Vin.”


“My head soon felt like I had a drill bit lodged behind my right eye.”

Thanks, Anthony Bourdain…

LMAO Neesee, that’s horrible!

From Aesop’s Fables, since I have a shelf filled with antique classics (I believe they’re from the 1940s) in my room:

“We bent our heads to the blast” said they, “and it passed over us. You stood stiff and stubborn till you could stand no longer.”

So basically I’m gonna have earth shattering orgasms in 2012?  One can only hope. XD

“‘Ethan, I’m in love.’”

Jpod, Douglas Coupland.

I think dude might have a small problem with this Ethan guy.

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