Okay, this is probably just trolling but today I’m sick so I’m giving myself leave to sound off a bit. I love how people could be “everyone is beautiful” “we don’t need to be superficial” blah blah blah but I guess when it comes to our  doll worlds, every sim has to be gorgeous.  I don’t even agree with this confession, I think the majority of premades don’t in fact have a “facial deformity”. WTF does that even mean?  A big nose is a “facial deformity”? Small eyes? What?! 

I saw a sim in someone’s “uglacy” over the weekend. The sim that was supposed to be ugly looked very very much like a friend of mine who is beautiful in every single way. I almost “liked” the image until I realized the creator made her to be “ugly”.  Kind of made me sad. :(    This is where I’m coming from. 

Sorry for the rant.  I guess in my perfect sim world, not everyone is “perfect”.  

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