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I agree that Tumblr is not ideal for in-depth story telling. I don’t check my dash more than a couple times a day, and I invariably end up missing some posts so I’m reading the story all out of order. And the “short spurt” story telling doesn’t fully drawn me in. I personally prefer the slide show method of story telling, because you can’t see what’s coming until you advance to the next page. And that works great for surprise twists and stuff like that.

That’s my problem too. I miss posts, and I’m the type of person who gets annoyed if I miss part of a TV show.  There are some tumblr stories that work well, but I don’t think the heavy drama serials work well in this format.  I kind of miss the slideshow format, too, but I’m just as happy if the entire post was all in one place. 


replied to your post “Simblr Story thoughts”

RIGHT So as i was saying, definitely prefer the classic chapter format as well. each entry is a story within itself with a clear beginning and end, stays put on its own page (not several separate posts), and is better for immersion and easier to focus on. i like a few tumblr stories but they’re more snapshots of a moment type that don’t really ask for the reader’s focus.

I agree with this completely. 


replied to your post “Simblr Story thoughts”

I have grown to like Tumblr story posts, but I have adapted my reading style (and story publishing style) to suit. And I’m probably a rarity bc I NEVER go on my dash. I either visit people’s blogs directly or open them up from the sidebar, where I can easily scroll down to my last ‘like’.

I was really interested in hearing your thoughts. You’re actually one of the first story tellers I’ve enjoyed on Tumblr from the Baby Jessica/Eunace days. :D  I think you’ve brought up a good solution, but I read Tumblr mostly on my phone and a lot of the sites aren’t easy to navigate.  You’re right though about some stories, including yours, adapting to the format well.  

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