DOWNLOAD: Simlish Blackboard Writing for your Restaurants & Cafes [TS2]

This is something I’ve been wanting and meaning to do for a long time, and since I’m procrastinating from schoolwork, I finally did it.
These are some Simlish chalk-style menus and illustrations on Aikea-Guinea’s half-height wall writing mesh (not included; download at link). They are meant to be placed on dark-coloured wall coverings to look like full-size blackboards or blackboard paint. There are eight recolours included; two ‘specials’ boards, one tea & coffee menu, three “Ask About Our [Cupcakes/Milkshakes/Burgers]” illustrations, and two speech bubbles (“New!” and “Top Pick!”).
They’re on a transparent background; dark green pictured in previews is for contrast only.

TOU: Please remember to credit if you include them with a lot. You can use the textures for your own projects, but again, please credit (and link me to ‘em!). Please do not upload to paysites or attempt to take credit.


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