This was written by SimGuru Derek and shared by SimGuru Kate (I got it on my twitter feed.) I think this is a BRILLIANT way of stating this. We are all people who love the Sims games. We adore designing, building, making creative content, telling stories – and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone has the same talents as everyone else.

So, instead of spreading hate, I challenge you to spread this message and bring an end to as much hate as possible today. Yes, I know it won’t stop all of it. There will always be people who are mean and spiteful and have to destroy something. But that’s not who the majority of us are and I think we need to remind everyone of that fact.

If you hear something bad about someone, don’t blindly believe it.
Meet them, talk to them, form your own opinion and always be kind. ♥

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