Okay I’ll answer, but you’re getting “off the top of my head” answers. None of these are particularly in depth, lol! 

1. I’m in a new relationship. 

2. The last movie I watched was Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was terrible.

3. I made pancakes for breakfast. I ate it with wildberry jam and maple syrup. They were delicious. 

4. I own two bikes. 

5. I have a tattoo designed and inked by the same guy who designed Nightcrawler’s body art in X2. 

6. That tattoo got ruined by meningitis. :p 

7. I like oatmeal

8. My favourite movie is probably still Spirited Away. It always makes me happy.

9. I fucking love maple syrup. 

10. I’m not Batman. 

If anyone wants to do this, consider yourself tagged! (Ha, cop out! :D) 

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