I posted my Sim Resolutions on LJ. Read the long version there. Quick version here.

Now post yours!

1. Again. Finish Simtopi.
2. Finish my TS3 World and populate it. Then share it!
3. I’ve had an idea for a premade short story for the longest time and I’ve actually written it out. I just need to shoot it. So I’d really like to do that this year.
4. Keep reading any new sim stories that come my way, so keep posting!
5. (is a little soapbox-y) I’m going to be a fountain of Zen about sims community drama. This year there seemed to be a lot of bullshit about… Well pretty much everything. People ranting and crying about how other people like to play their game and show it off… I’m not going to get involved with that any more. You know what? In all honesty if you want to whine and post hate secrets about other people and their games, I’m no longer going to dignify it with a response. Go right ahead, If hurting others gives you some kind of satisfaction in your life, who am I to try to shit all over that happiness for you if its all you’ve got going, sadly enough? Discussions, even respectful arguing is always okay, but outright trolling is not. I know I got involved a bit in the drama before but i’ve always felt like shit about it after. So this year in terms of Sims, I’m not giving trolls the time of day, even if its to mock their attempts. If you so desperately need attention, you will not be getting it from me. And that is all.*steps down from soapbox*

( gawd I wish the text cut worked here :p. OH WELL)

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