(warning: this is a “is it just me or…” post)

So I’ve been following some simblr stories for some time. Maybe it’s the old-school in me, but I’m not a fan of the tumblr format for telling stories.  I discover stories, sure, but half-way or three-quarters into a plot, and someone had already reblogged the “twist”.    And if I follow stories, just the way the tumblr format is, I can’t follow in chronological order. So unless I’m on tumblr all the time,   I’m reading the last part of a story, and backing up, lol. 

Most good story writers are really good about providing navigation links. But now I’ve gone back to sim story writing, I still don’t think the tumblr format is right for my story. Maybe I’m too obsessive about controlling the plot path which is why I’m fine with posting the full chapter with all the pics.  

I’m not talking about legacies, or any other challenge stories or game play stories. I’m more thinking of plot based sim stories which is what I’m looking for.

Also, story posts that are photo posts with all the images up top and a wall of text below.. I’m not personally feeling that either, I feel like it disconnects me. 

This is all just a personal opinion, but please let me know what you think? Tumblr format for sim stories, yay or nay? Am I overthinking these things? 

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