The Sunnyside Boardwalk

A base-game build

This lot was a challenge, not only because I think I went a little too big with it, but I also restricted myself to using items only available in the base game. That does include all the free stuff updates up until now (latest being the Caribbean patch), as well as the string lights from the free Holiday stuff.  

The lot is zoned as a bar, but there are plenty of spaces for your Sims to explore.   I built this with storytelling in mind.  Check out below the cut for the layouts and what’s included in the build.  

Lot type: bar
Value: §418 353
Lot size: 40×30
Custom Content: none
Packs used: Base game, holiday stuff 

Find this in the Sims Gallery under EA ID: belledaisies
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Available for download at Simfileshare
 [ Download ] 

( More pics at Imgur )

Layouts below

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