simplycourtneyshea replied to your post: Also considering getting generations. I hope this…

I really like Generations. It added a lot of really cute sim interactions. It is one of my fave EP’s. I’m a legacy type player though. :)

I think I would like it too. Maybe when I’m ready to export the world, I’ll get it. I’m mostly wanting it for build objects (and the treehouse!).  I’m just afraid I may bork the world progress if I install a new EP. 

 nimitwinklesims replied to your post: booboolalaland replied to your photo: The world is…

Wow! You are so quick! :D Do you think you’ll be doing another livestream while you’re working on the world?

Hehe, am I really that fast? I still have a lot to do. I haven’t done much with the coastline yet and there are so many lots. I want to see how the city section starts looking. I think livestreaming again might be fun. It’s just so difficult to do lately there’s so much going on at home. But if I have time, I may livestream early next week.

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