i was tagged by @jsimmersims, thank you! I thought this would be fun to do.  I’m really looking forward to Seasons, guys! 

I never know who to tag,  but please go for it, if you’d like to.  

1. which season are you going to play with first?

Probably summer first so I can watch the seasons change. ^_^

2. from what you’ve seen in the trailer, what are you most excited about?

Weather in general.  Snow, rain and wind! 

3. what’s your favorite season irl?


4. what’s your favorite flower/plant?

Daisies and other daisy type flowers.  I’m also very fond of roses.

5. are you going to create a new sim/family or are you going to keep your current household?

I’m playing a rotational generational game with about three or four active families on the go, on top of my main legacy challenge family, so I will have sims I can play. 

6. what would you like to see in this new add-on that we haven’t seen yet?

Fog has been confirmed, but I haven’t seen that yet. I’d love to see reactions to fog though.  I wish there was hail, but they’ve confirmed that hail is not happening.   Also I’d love to see extreme wind. 

7. how do you feel about not having a new neighborhood?

I’m always excited when Sims 4 introduces a new place to explore, so not gonna lie, I’m disappointed. I understand why they did this and I appreciate they were honest about why we’re not getting another hood (they wanted to concentrate on gameplay aspects in the existing hoods) 

8. snow, rain, sun or wind?


9. favorite refreshing drink in summer?

bubble tea and horchata

10. favorite hot drink in winter?


11. walk through the forest or by the beach?

both, but I live by a beach so I’m happy to walk on the beach.

12. swimming pool or ocean?

Pool. Specifically a private resort pool.

13. where would you like to travel if you could leave right now for a week?

Cottaging in Muskoka (closer to home). 

13. how is the weather today?

Sunny, windy, lots of milkweed fluff flying all over the place

14. what new traits would you like to see in the new add-on?

Hates outdoors 

15. do you like to play with supernatural creatures like vampires and aliens? and if so, would you like to have witches/fairies/elves?

I love playing with supernatural characters. I’d very much love witches and werewolves,  and I’m ambivalent towards fairies and elves.  

16. what is your favorite thing to do during winter?

Looking at all the holiday decorated houses.

17. …during spring?

Spring cleaning

18. …during summer?

Be outside and enjoy the sun

19. …during autumn?

Wearing sweaters.  

20. have you already pre-ordered seasons? and if you haven’t, are you going to pre-order it or wait until it comes out?

I will probably preorder it. It will be the only Sims 4 game I would preorder.

21. in which neighborhood are you going to play first with seasons?

I want to see weather in San Myshuno.  

22. do you listen to music while playing? and if so, what are your favorite songs to play to?

I turn on the radio in game and listen to Simlish music.  >_>

23. what’s your favorite thing to do in the sims? creating sims, building, etc?

Building and coming up with random stories to throw at my Sims. 

24. what’s your favorite kit/pack/add-on?

Cats & Dogs, City Living, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood in that order.  

25. and finally, what add-on/pack would you like to see next?

 No secret that I want cars. I’d also love to see a musician type pack that would reintroduce playing in bands, but also maybe add new types of entertainment like broadway musicals, operas, rap battles, American idol-type competitions. 

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