Okay. I very rarely wander into debates, but I can’t help cringe whenever I read people pirate games/music/software that they love.  Fine, I’ve learned to live with it and most of the time, I will shut up about it and I will still enjoy and love your pretty pictures.  God knows, I’m no saint when it comes to things like this.  

However. Nothing sends me more than the “I can’t afford to have it so I’ll take it excuse.” That doesn’t work with tangible objects, it shouldn’t work with software. I’m sure Neiman Marcus won’t really miss those pair of factory produced shoes you lifted,  but it is stealing all the same, right?  There are real people who’ve worked a shit ton of hours, stressed out their lives, lives of their families to get the games you love working as best as they can for you. I know this first hand.  If you don’t feel for them, that’s fine.  The Sims are not a necessity for life (I say this as an addict D: ) This isn’t a good excuse to steal them. 

I apologize if this upsets anyone, but I also can’t help but be upset too. Thanks for listening.

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