(Thank you Katzengirl for also tagging me! I’ll try to find 10 people who haven’t done it to tag next ) 

1. I wrote my first book when I was 16. It was about a runaway teenager in the big city who is actually the heiress of the head of a fashion emporium. I wroteit for my friends, so about 3 other people read it. A few years ago, an old friend of mine found her copy and mailed it to me for kicks. I have yet to re-read it and I’m afraid to. 

2. I love mushrooms. In another reality, I might be a hobbit.

3. I’ve read The Lord of the Rings about a dozen times between the age of 13-24. Have not yet completed reading the Silmarillion.

4. In my prime I owned about 6 pairs of GAF (Goth As Fuck) boots with platforms over 5 inches

5. I drive a green Toyoya Yaris sedan. the actual name of the colour is “olive mist” which I think doesn’t sound very pleasant.

6. I’m addicted to fruity smelling moisturizers. I love perfume. My current favourite is by Anna Sui.

7. I enjoy chardonnay with dinner. 

8. Literally avoided watching the Breakfast Club when I was growing up (and I am an 80’s child).  In fact i never understood the appeal of most 80’s movies.

9. I went to college for Classical Animation. Yes, there was once a time where people drew with pencils and cartoons were painted with paint on cell sheets. I did that.  

10. I worked on a short Yoshitaka Amano film. It’s probably the prettiest  film I’ve ever been involved with and I only saw the finished result once. But I still have the poster hanging on my wall. :)  

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