The City of Auberon: Now available for download! 

Please visit my site for more information and screenshots (or click the above pic) .

Please note: Auberon is now updated with more EPs. Details at

Here’s the brief, for those that don’t want to leave tumblr: 

World Information/ Requirements

World Map: 2048×2048 (large)
World Type: Late Night City
Population: 46 playable sims, 18 households
Patch level:  1.57
EPs: World Adventures, Ambitions and Late Night
Store content:  Riverview  (world)
Custom content:  none

Thank you so much to Alma70 for providing some of the NPCs. <3 


Please do not alter and claim as yours. Do not redistribute to any other website (provide a link to my site instead). Credit and tagged posts, while not necessary, are very much appreciated.  

Feel free to customize and play as you will. Above all, have fun! 

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