The original Craig Baird from my Sims 2 game (and Jodie).  He was a bit of a weird one. He has what we in the Sims 2 world called â€œFirst Born Syndrome”. It was a bug/quirk/thing with the game where if you didn’t play your game in a certain sequence, all sims born would look like the first born. That’s what happened with Craig; he’s pretty much a clone of Clive.

In any case, I tried to make Craig’s personality different in Sims 2, by giving him different clothes and his own story in University. He ended up with a Uni townie and they moved off and did nothing after that. 

Sims 4 Craig thankfully does not have First Born Syndrome. I let Talula’s and Garret’s genetics determine how he was going to look (same as I did with Jessie and Jodie). Just like Sims 2 Craig, I let him fall for a townie/premade Sim and Morgan happened to be the first girl who showed up that he liked. 

I did move them into a nice little house in Oasis Springs, but I’m not sure yet if I will let them breed.


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