What’s all this about?

In which I reboot my Simtopi characters and legacy from Sims 2 to Sims 4  starting from the beginning.  

I started playing these families in Sims 2 with no specific challenge in mind, except to avoid using the obvious game play cheats. By the time Sims 3 rolled around, it became a huge elaborate story that I never finished.  You can find the story here still.

Is this a standard legacy challenge? 

It’s a legacy where I’m playing generation to generation with a main family line descended from my founders. 

It’s a challenge where I won’t allow myself to cheat and the main goal is to play generation to generation with a main “heir” family without any cheats. 

The second generation and 3rd generation  will be the same as in the Sims 2 game, so if you’ve followed my story at all, you’ll find some familiar characters.   

Is this a Simtopi story reboot?

Sort of?  Will I re-tell the same TS2 story here? I don’t think so.  I’m thinking of this as an alternate universe where these characters will live their lives with no influence from the supernatural, which makes sense because as of fall 2016, witches and vampires don’t exist in Sims 4 (grrr).  

Also, I’m posting actual gameplay screenshots. This is *not* a posed story, though I may play with a storyline in mind and add dialogue because drama is fun. 

Are there rules?

  • no money or promotion cheats for the legacy family.  No outside money can be brought in.
  • The legacy family must stay on the same lot.  When the family can afford to, they can move lots
  • spares can stay or move out
  • spouses can be created by me, from the gallery, or generated by the game (townies). “Editing” townies are okay.
  • The Bairds are the main household played, but I can play other households in the same save game.    
  • Life spans are set to “long” to allow for playing other households
  • All rules can be modified within reason if required to progress

All set? Here’s the chapter list.  Recaps for each gen will be in the first post of each generation. 

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