Phoebe Adams and Frances McCullough are the “good” and “evil” witches of Belladonna Cove. I needed an instructor for a chapter in my story and bringing Frances in just made total sense.  Personally, I’d love to see them in more stories with more defined personalities than just typical ‘Good Witch’ and ‘Bad Witch’. 

I don’t have Frances’ personality stats on me right now, but I do recall she was a little mean, and she is a knowledge sim so I gave her the strict teacher persona: the kind of teacher who takes her subject and her students seriously, wants to see them succeed but goes hard on them to do so. She demands complete attention and the best effort always.  She’s the type who would be proud of her students but would be unlikely to tell them so. 

Phoebe, I don’t have much of a personality for except to be Frances’ foil. Phoebe is a romance sim, if I recall correctly. She’s also an Instructor of the Craft, but she’s easy going and friendly. She’s the type of teacher that won’t mind if you come into class a little late, she’d be likely to joke around a lot and bring in treats. All the kids like her because she’s fun and funny. She’s more open with personal encouragement and her students succeed because of it. 

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