Version 0.2 has effects in the game now. It was pretty fun seeing the meteor shower streak across the sky. The world is beginning to feel a lot more alive.


Major problem: I cannot seem to save the game. I played a week of Jeremy’s life before realizing I cannot reload the game I thought I saved. It gives me the following error - 

“Cannot load this save game. It may have been saved with expansion pack data that is no longer present on this system”

I certainly have not removed any EPs, or done anything different to the game. I tried replacing the file in the Saves folders, but for this world, it did not help. It only worked when I copied a file from an older Bridgeport save file.  If I go in to save it again, then reload the file, it throws the same error in my face.  
I had uninstalled some of the custom worlds I had been playing (Eltham’s Drift, St. Claire and Builder’s Island).  I tried reinstalling it. No such luck. I deleted cache files. I actually patched my game. 
Now I am making some minor changes in CAW and attempting to reexport the world. I hope that helps. Fingers crossed. D: 

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