First of all, I just wanted to welcome everyone who just started following. *Enthusiastic hello!* And for those who’ve been around liking my stuff for a while, my most sincerest thank you. :D

Ok so I figured out how I’ll be using tumblr from now on. I will be keeping two different simblrs. Simtopi will be for my stuff, the occasional sim related meme and announcements. Lululounge will be my inspiration scrapbook where I will continue to reblog and post other people’s sim things. Since this is how I’ve always done it it isn’t very confusing for me anymore and I don’t think it should be too much more confusing for others too. It’ll keep me organized and it will keep you from being spammed with too many reblogs.

With that I do encourage everyone who follows this tumblr to follow Lululounge as well because my taste is impeccable. ;) Ok I kid, but follow Lululounge if you do want to see other stuff out there that I find noteworthy. And check out my likes as well!

ETA: I will only be following and reblogging sim related stuff on these tumblrs. If you have a personal tumblr you think I might like let me know and I’ll follow on mine here.

*bows* and thank you.

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