In all honesty, Melody wasn’t supposed to have a major role. She appearance in chapter 41 just made all sorts of sense especially because of her relationship to Wren and Raven.   But according to the Tinkers’ bios, Melody is a serious child, compared to her two playful parents.  Melody isn’t the type to want to get into her family’s toy business, but I think she has the potential to be a business person. 

In my story, Melody also doesn’t take her family seriously. Her mother is very open about being a witch and Melody is just rather apathetic to the whole thing as teenagers sometimes can be with their parents. She’ll still help out when she can, but she’ll complain about it. She’s smart and observant, but she is in many ways a typical teenager. 

I know Wren and Raven’s part will wrap up eventually and Melody will most likely make an appearance then. I don’t see her having any more major roles though.

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