Wren: “The next thing that we have to prove is the existence of an alien facility in the heart of Oasis Spring.  This will prove that aliens are performing experiments on Sims.” 

Raven:  “That sounds cool!”

Wren: “Actually the experiments are pretty horrifying.”

Raven: “I meant the alien facility! I want to see aliens up close!” 

Julian:  “Hello fellow humans!” 


Wren: “We’re having a private conversation here, who are you?” 

Julian: “My name is Julian Baird, offspring of SimTech Corp. CEO Clive Baird.  Are you related to me?”


Wren: “Oh you’re our cousin… what are you doing?”

Julian: “I am displaying my physical aptitude.  To prove to you that I am one of you.  I can do eight sit ups!”

Wren: “You don’t need to do that, it’s obvious you’re one of us… you look exactly like Uncle Clive, duh!” 

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