The Baird … legacy? This is Garret Baird and Talula Belsky.   I'm not going to spend too much time bringing my Sims 2 neighbourhood back, but I can sort of start again.  I “resurrected” the Baird founders from my TS2 game to TS4.  They have a second chance now.   I created Garret by gender swapping his granddaughter, Jasmine and tweaking his face a bit.  Garret's is an outgoing bro-type who's self assured and decided he'll make it in business. Talula is a criminal seeking her soul mate.  edited because I totally forgot my founder's name :pRead More →

1) I have a new computer. Gaming will be great again.    2) I have rediscovered my love for Sims.  Sims 4 is adorable, and Sims 3 runs swimmingly. 3) The Tensworth legacy, such as it was, died in the first generation. The save file will not work on my new computer.   4) City of Auberon is still a thing, but probably still needs fixing. Once I get CAW on my new station, and some time to muddle around with it, I will fix it. I think version 3 should still work okay.  5) Still no toddlers in TS4 hm? :(  6). Hello! Read More →