I took advantage of Origin Game Time to play the Sims 4 for free (for 48 hours). I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the Sims 4 anytime soon, but I really wasn’t going to resist trying it out for a few hours this weekend.Read More →

Just a few pics of the houses I’ve built for the first gen Marlens and Markellys. They aren’t up for upload because I built them with the sims living on the lot and they’re really customized for my Sims anyway. The Markelly house: Moar pics this-a-way….Read More →

More buildings for my “new” neighbourhood: I’m currently testing the first one, and the 2nd one, I still need to finish up decorating. The townhomes are sort of different than what I normally do and the entrances are off to the side… they do not face the road, so hopefully I won’t find that too annoying once I move Sims there.Read More →

I finally stopped being a chicken about using Hoodreplace, (worrying about my game becoming corrupt) backed up my files and took the plunge.   I’ve been seriously outgrowing the current map and the layout was just too impractical for what I wanted to do. I just wanted a simple, flat terrain that I can work as a base for an urban neighbourhood. I used the game’s sample.sc4 map to replace New Simtopi’s. After a bit of terrain editting and placing all the lots in proper order, I’m now happy with how New SimTopi is looking.Read More →