I took advantage of Origin Game Time to play the Sims 4 for free (for 48 hours). I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the Sims 4 anytime soon, but I really wasn’t going to resist trying it out for a few hours this weekend.Read More →

Pixel_Trade is having a Sims 3 donation drive, so I thought I’d recreate my Generation 3 Marlen siblings in The Sims 3, and offer them up for download. I had wanted to mod up my game and start playing for a while now, so this gave me the perfect excuse. :D More screenshots at my Livejournal! Download links and more info this way –>Read More →

If you guys haven’t checked out Pixel Trade’s “The Person Below Me” challenge by now, you definitely should. So many awesome, awesome, awesome sims to choose from.  Anyway, here’s my latest for them! Visit this post for more screenshots and information. (Download and CC information below)Read More →