Here’s a few buildings I’m currently testing: The Cassandra This old creepy building has a few secrets. It would be perfect forĀ  witches, vampires, mad scientists and of course trendy urban hipsters. Urban Park Lofts This building is inspired by old factories that have been converted to lofts. I built this a while ago, and recently overhauled it to play with the stuff that came with Pets. I’m a little particular now about testing apartments before making them available to download. I like my dollhouses to be as problem free for everyone as it is for me. I should have these available for download withinRead More →

This is SimTopi. To be exact, Serverdown Village, my gentrified urban village. There’s about twenty lots in there, one of them a Maxis lot, and about two of them under construction. That would be a lower class brownstone rowhouse lot and an awful attempt at a City Hall which is just a community center with a coffee house and a museum. The red brick building on the lower left hand corner (this street I call Lower Oliver Rd.) is the latest addition to the village, and that would be Audrey’s Studio. Audrey White is one of my University students just recently graduated. This is herRead More →

I’m going to go ahead and say it here: some buildings I see on the Sims 2 official site exchange are too damn ridiculous. Seriously, I don’t care how rich your Sims are, wtf do you need 6 helipads on the same lot for? Really?

And there I am. Welcome to SimTopi! Read More →